‘Soup’er Recipe: Leek & Potato Soup

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Leek and potato soup has to be one of my all time favourites. The ingredients in this recipe are naturally gluten free. 

I stopped using ready made veggie and chicken stocks as they have so much salt in them, plus not all of them are gluten free.  Cooking the veggies in the water puts all the goodness back and you don’t need the extra ingredients that come in stock.

*** Hint: Waste not want not.

I frequently save the liquid from cooking veggies and potatoes to use as stock for my soups. I also poach chicken in water and save the liquid to use as a base for my chicken soups.

leek and potato soup at craftygardener.ca

Leeks are a fascinating vegetable to examine.  There have fantastic patterns inside when cut in different directions.   Leeks belong to the allium vegetable family and contain beneficial compounds found in garlic and onions.

making leek & potato soup at craftygardener.ca
soup making


  • 300 grams leeks, white and light green parts only, thinly sliced
  • 2 celery stalks, thinly sliced
  • 300 grams potatoes, peeled and diced
  • 3 cups of water
  • 2 cups milk
  • salt and pepper to your taste
  • gluten free stock cubes are optional

This soup is already quite thick, but if you want it thicker, just cut down on the amount of liquid.

making leek & potato soup at craftygardener.ca
soup making


  • Melt some butter in a pan and add leeks and celery and seasoning if you are adding it.
  • Stir often until leeks are tender.
  • Add water. Cover and bring to a boil.
  • Add stock cubes if using.
  • Add potatoes.
  • Cook until potatoes are soft. Remove from heat. Let cool.
  • Pour half of the soup mixture out and puree in a blender.
  • Leave the other half chunky.
  • Use a potato masher to get the consistency you want. If you want a smoother soup puree more.
  • Add puree part back to pot, add milk and heat over medium heat till warm.
  • Stir often. Do not boil.
making leek & potato soup at craftygardener.ca
freezing portions of soup

This soup will store in the fridge for a few days or you can freeze individual portions for a later time.  I measure out in the soup mug which holds about 2 cups of soup and pour it into labelled freezer bags.  It’s hard to believe that the soup mug and the square plastic container hold the same amount.  I used to use containers like this in the freezer but they take up so much space.  The bags hold the same amount, freeze flat, store inside a box in the freezer and defrost really fast.

This time I doubled the recipe so there some to enjoy now and lots for later.

leek and potato soup at craftygardener.ca

Have you enjoyed a delicious bowl of soup lately?

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22 Responses

    • Linda aka Crafty Gardener

      I love having soup in the freezer for a nice, quick meal. I loved your acorn squash and pear soup this week and will be trying it out soon. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Beth F

    It just so happens I have leeks and potatoes in the house … and I was wondering what to serve for dinner. Soup and homemade bread it is!

  2. Margie

    Looks very tasty! It never occurred to me to freeze soup on bags. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Robin

    Wow, Linda this sounds delicious! Must try it. I watch our sodium intake closely too. It is incredible how much salt is in food.
    Have a good week!

  4. Maggie

    The leek soup looks and sounds wonderful I’ll definitely be trying your recipe as the Senior Partner and I both love leek soup. Thanks for sharing your recipe with the MM crowd today.

  5. Lorrie

    I’m using a scale more and more in my cooking, too. It’s so much more accurate. Your leek and potato soup sounds delicious – we eat a lot of soup here, especially in the cooler months. Have a good week.

    • Linda aka Crafty Gardener

      It is soup season for sure and it is wonderful to be able to pull out some homemade soup from the freezer. You sure have been getting the rain storms out your way. Stay warm and dry.

  6. Poppy

    Your leek and potato soup look and sound scrumptious! Thick and velvety, and I’m sure aromatic, from the leek, such a savoury veggie. Thanks for all your tips and instructions. I will definitely be making this, soon!

    Have a wonderful week,

  7. Linda

    I have used your recipe many times Linda…
    I don’t purée mine…just mash up…love it!
    Soup weather moving in!
    Wasn’t that a fabulous week?
    Linda :o)

  8. lavender dreamer

    That looks so good! When it gets cooler, I think of soup! Tonight I made steamed broccoli but it made me think about how much I love broccoli and cheese soup. Enjoy your week! Thanks for the recipe! Hugs, Diane

  9. Angie

    Soup always makes me cheerful, so thanks for this tasty recipe. I also appreciate your tips on how to enhance the healthy nature of many soups, since it such a go-to menu for me. Have a wonderful week!

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