Repairing the Key Chimes

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I love the sound of wind chimes in the garden … metal ones, bamboo ones, large ones and small ones.

This is one of my favourites made from old cds and old keys.  All you need is 2 old cds, fishing line, old keys, glue and a drill.

key chimes made with 2 old cds, fishing line and old keys

 First glue 2 old cds together, shiny side out. I use E6000, but any strong glue that is good for outside will work.

Drill a hole in the top center for adding a loop to hang it with.  Drill holes in the bottom to fasten on the old keys.   I have 7 holes and have used fishing line to tie the keys on.  When I’m drilling the holes I use an old piece of wood underneath then the actual work surface doesn’t get damaged.


You will be surprised at the lovely sound the keys make as they move in the breeze.

Unfortunately the old cds and the weather don’t get on.  After a couple of years the cds loose their shine and sometimes the words on the other side start to show through.  I also find the fishing line gets a bit worn in places as the keys do tend to twist together in the wind.  But it doesn’t take much to start all over again.  With winter approaching it is the perfect time to repair the key chimes so it is ready for next spring.

Do you have a list of repair jobs for the cold, winter months?

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