It Was A’maze’ing

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Just before Hallowe’en we took the grandkids to a local farm to choose some pumpkins and we had an a’maze’ing time.  Willowcreek Farm always has a wonderful display at this time of the year. Throughout the summer months they have a roadside stand at the corner of our road where I buy most of my fresh veggies.  The actual farm is one concession over from ours and they also sell veggies from there as well.


This is the farm that owns the fields behind our property along with their farm on the 5th concession.  For Hallowe’en they have a pumpkin patch with a maze made out of straw bales.


The kids had lots of fun running through the maze shrieking every time they came across something.

Willowcreek Farm, Frankford, Ontario

In various corners there were grinning pumpkin people.

Willowcreek Farm1a

An old farm wagon loaded with hay and pumpkins and a pumpkin person was in a big opening.


There was lots and lots of choice for squash, pumpkins and apples.


The kids choose their own face and with the help of their dad they carved them out.  This was how they turned out this year … a couple of photos of each one before and after candles.

A fun time was had by everyone.


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