The Busy Beaver

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At the beginning of the week we went for a walk down by the bay.  It was sunny but chilly, and as usual it is always chillier by the water.  There were lots of ducks and a huge flock of Canada Geese.


The geese weren’t in very deep water and were ‘talking’ away amongst themselves.


The first thing we noticed as we crossed the first bridge was the beaver dam blocking the water from flowing into the pond.  In the past we have spotted ducks and a young green heron in this pond.

We have always seen evidence of the beavers around this area but never spotted anything like this.


Along the trail we started seeing evidence of the beaver at work … lots of tree trunks gnawed off.


As we took the trail that goes behind this pod we saw more trees down.  The reason for today’s walk was to cut some red dogwood branches for my winter greenery pots and the big clump of them was right behind these tree trunks.


Once I got down to the dogwood I could see this huge pile of wood and twigs at the other side of the pond … a beaver lodge in the making.

I’m wondering if the city works department will leave the dam and lodge.  We’ll probably have to wait till next spring to find out if it is still there.

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