This Looks Like a Nice House

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It hasn’t been long since we started working on the sign post garden.  It started with removing all the branches of an old cedar tree and fixing a bird house to the top of the trunk.  Some recycled wood was used to make a small raised garden around the base and it was filled with dirt.

The plants will have to wait till next year.


But some of the wood for the signs has been cut and I’ll be painting the words on them in the next little while.  The sunny November day  cast some long shadows of the deck railing over the signs.


But the best part of the new garden area is that the birds have been checking out the birdhouse.


Mr and Mrs Sparrow … perhaps related to Jack Sparrow and his family from the front bird house … have been claiming it as their potential home.


This birdhouse as a little ledge at the front and the male sparrow is very content to sit there and preen himself while the female sparrow likes the roof.   The wood perch vanished long ago and was replaced with a bit bolt.  I hope it isn’t too cold on their feet in the winter.

The birdhouse is in a perfect site line from the deck and back door so I can get lots of photos of these cute little lens friends all year round.


lots more lens friends

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I’m sharing with Wild Bird Wednesday and the Bird D’pot at I’d Rather B Birdin’

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