The October Fence Garden

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October is just about over and it’s time to review the fence garden from 2012 to 2013.  I’m a bit later in the month doing this comparison.  The time just flies by.  The garden has been trimmed right back and the whole fence is visible once again.


The fence garden looks about the same in both years.  The main difference is behind the fence.  Last year there were 3 composters lined up back there.


This year the composters have been moved to make way for a garden shed … that is still in pieces in the garage.  It had better be at the top of the list for next spring.

Another big difference behind the fence is the old cedar tree.  There were 3 cedar trees in a row and now only 2 of them are left.  The third was very sparse and the branches were starting to die off.  All the branches were removed and the trunk of the tree was left standing.  A bird house was added to the top and a raised garden has been build at the bottom.  Eventually this will be a sign post garden.  The ideas are churning around in my mind.

The only plant left is the sedum and it still looks good.  I will leave it that way all winter and cut it back next spring when the new growth appears.

Can you spot 2 things that are in the top photo that aren’t in the bottom?  and 2 things that are in the bottom photo that aren’t in the top photo?  These are things in the actual garden, not behind it.

You can see a monthly comparison of the fence garden by clicking here.

A rainy system has moved into our area today so it will be wet few days.

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