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It is time for comfort food now that the cold and snowy weather is setting in. macaroni & cheese is a favourite.

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I make it gluten free by using gluten free flour and gluten free fusilli and gluten free breadcrumbs. Other ingredients are naturally gluten free. If you aren’t gluten free then just use your regular flour, breadcrumbs and pasta.

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I make my white sauce and add grated cheese (about 3/4 cup). I use old cheddar but you can use the type you prefer or mix a few types together to change the taste a bit.

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After cooking and draining the gluten free fusilli (1 cup), pour the cheese sauce over the top. Mix to make sure it is all covered. Sprinkle gluten free breadcrumbs over the top.

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Bake in a 350 over for about an hour.

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I frequently add cooked bacon and tomatoes to the mac & cheese. Usually it is served with a salad, but lettuce is so expensive at this time of the year coupled with increased prices and supply issues I chose not to purchase any this week.

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I served a cooked veggie with it instead. Dilled carrots are one of my favourites.

What is your favourite comfort food?

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My cooking is always gluten free. Find a yummy recipe to cook.

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  1. Linda

    It looks lovely, I do love macaroni & cheese, I like to slice some tomatoes to eat with mine. x

  2. Tammy S Asad

    I make vegan mac and cheese and it is so yummy! Anything I can eat in a big bowl with a spoon is comfort food to me. Ha! 🙂 Blessings to you and yours.

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