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Godetia, Clarkia Amoena, also known as satin flower or silk flower.  It is also known as farewell to spring as the blooms prefer the warmer temperatures the end of spring brings, but not overly hot. These are lovely, long lasting annuals that I received in a seed swap a few years ago. I save the seeds for future years and to grow and to swap.

Godetia grows well in containers or right in the garden in well drained moist soil. They come in a variety of colours and grown between 30 cm. and 60 cm. tall

Sow godetia seeds outside in the garden and cover with the smallest amount of soil.  It is best to choose the spot where you want them to grow as they do not transplant very well.

The seedlings need thinning, else the plants will not develop properly. They prefer partial to full sun and well drained soil. You can sow the seeds inside 3 to 4 weeks before your last frost date and then transplant outside.

Be sure to pinch off the bloom after it finishes to encourage the rest of the buds to bloom.  After all blooming is finished the seed pods develop. Let dry on the plant until they start to open. Pinch the pods off and the tiny seeds will sprinkle out into a dish. Let them dry out and then package them and save them for next year when you can watch something grow all over again.  If you don’t pinch off the seed pods the plant will self seed and probably grow next season.

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