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Each year I plant up the big pot by the front door with  fuchsia.  Some years I buy ready started plants to get a variety and some years I buy the hanging baskets all ready to go and transplant them into the pot.  

The plants come in different colours … red and whites, to pinks and white to the  fuchsia and white ones.  There are many different varieties of which the first ones came from the Caribbean.  They are an annual plant where I live but many people have success bringing them inside or into a greenhouse to over winter them.   I’ve tried taking cuttings but didn’t have any success.


The year this photo was taken I had a couple of different varieties of  fuchsia in the pot … can’t remember the exact names though.


Another year I had the red and white variety.


This is the pot in 2012 filled with 2 of the smaller hanging baskets that were transplanted into it.  This is the same big pot that I put my winter greenery in.


What gorgeous colours the blooms had.  I usually buy the plants towards the end of May and they will bloom until the first frost arrives.   I’m not sure what colour I’ll get this year but I’m sure it will give a lovely splash of colour by the front door.

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