The Fence Garden in December

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One of my projects during 2013 was to compare the fence garden during the months to record differences and similarities from 2012 and 2013.  Here we are at the very end of the year and I’m finishing up this comparison today.

On a sunny December 28, 2013 lovely long shadows are all around from the trees and the fence.


And here is the same garden area on dull December 22, 2013 right after the ice storm.


The garden itself looks about the same but this year I have a Christmas flag up on one side of the fence.  Right behind that is the new garden area where an older evergreen was taken down (photo below).  The old tree to the right of the fence garden that held the bird feeders is gone now.  Thanks to the pileated woodpecker and all the holes it made close to the ground the tree toppled down in a wind storm earlier in the year.  It was cut into stumps and added to other parts of the garden.  One of the stumps is in the right front of the garden and I put a tree face on it (photo below)

gardensnov10a   stumpy1a

The month by month comparison posts of the fence garden can be viewed here and also in the slideshow below.

[slideshow_deploy id=’11937′]

It has been an interesting project to do throughout the year and I’ll have it to look back on for next year.  I’m already dreaming and planning about gardening for 2014, and even added a spring countdown button on the home page of my site.  If you don’t enter my site from that way you might want to check it out.

Thanks to all that visit throughout the year.  Wishing you all a safe and happy new year.

See you in Blogland next year.


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