In the Frigid Cold

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Wow, it is cold outside … with the windchill it was registering -35 Celsius early this morning.  Even when we went out for a few errands the van temperature was showing -22 Celsius.  The wind was bitter and no one would be outside for any longer than absolutely necessary.

Yet the birds are flitting in and out of the feeders looking for some nourishment.  The numerous feeders were all filled yesterday.  These photos were taken over the past couple of days.


suet chickadee3a








The birds overcome the snow and ice and cold to get to the seeds and suet.  With the recent ice storms covering everything possible it is very hard for the birds to find any of the seed that has dropped to the ground or find any of the seed heads that were left in the garden.  We will be busy keeping the feeders full during this extreme cold spell.  I will even put out some bowls of warm water on the deck railings as there is no water for them to be found.


lots more lens friends

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