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The craft this month from our library was to transfer a photo onto a piece of wood to make a coaster. Thanks Diane.

Previously I’ve transferred photos onto a block of wood and a cloth bag. On another rainy day in June I worked on this craft.

transferring photos to tiles at

The project came with a small square of wood but I chose to use some tiles I already had.

transferring photos to tiles at

Print your photo and cut to size. Put a layer of modge podge on the front side of the photo and press it image down onto the coaster. I used dishwasher modge podge in the event the coaster got wet.

transferring photos to tiles at
showing image with modge podge on it, before being flipped and pressed onto the coaster

The first time I used photo paper to print on, but it took longer to get the backing off, as first I had to remove the protective layer. Once that layer was off, I needed to dampen the back of the paper. The next time I used printer paper and the backing came off much easier.

transferring photos to tiles at
flipped image pressed onto tile

This is the photo face down on the coaster. If you look carefully you can see the dog face already showing through a bit.

The instructions called for a brayer to press and roll the image onto the tile to be sure all the air bubbles are removed. I used a round bottle of paint as I don’t have a brayer and it works just as well. Roll several times in all directions to be sure the image is flat on the tile.

Be sure to let each step of the instructions to dry thoroughly before moving on, especially the layer with modge podge on the flipped image.

After trying the photo paper and the printer paper, I prefer the photo paper as it gives a sharper image, even though it is more work removing the backing.

transferring photos to tiles at

Our daughter is always sending us photos when she takes the dog for a walk. She loves to embellish the photos with different apps she has. Some of these photos were made into a set of coasters for her.

crochet line at

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  1. Myrtle Thomas

    Love them, Linda. One dil did pictures of the boys when they were young and my artistic daughter in Nova Scotia does this with pictures of all the paintings she does and sells them at Christmas as coasters and does cards for Christmas also. My children did not get their artistic side from me!

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