Cornstalk Horses

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One of our local farms, Willow Creek Farms, sells veggies and more at their roadside stand at the bottom of our road and they also sell in front of their farm which is one concession over from us.   They also own all the fields in behind our property.

They do a wonderful display of all the Fall veggies.  One year they made a hay bale maze that the grandkids really enjoyed.

Willowcreek Farma

This year their display included two horses made from corn stalks which were pulling wagons full of pumpkins.

Willowcreek Farm, Frankfort, Ontario

It was wonderful to drive to the farm and see this amazing display set up right by the road.

Willowcreek Farm, Frankfort, Ontario

We frequently walk down to the corner to buy tomatoes, corn, kale, zucchini and more.  Nothings tastes as good as veggies straight from the farm.

Five on Friday shares things we are appreciative of.

Willowcreek Farm, Frankfort, Ontario

This week my five things are

farmers, for without them we would not have much of the food we eat

a plentiful harvest and being able to walk down the road or drive to the farm to get it,

the gorgeous Autumn weather we have been having at the beginning of November,

living in an amazing area that is rural but so close to the urban centres,

creative people sharing with their neighbours,

Willowcreek Farm, Frankfort, Ontario

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