Colourful Foliage in October

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We have had some changeable weather from sunny and crisp to wet and dreary.  I like to take advantage of the sunny afternoons to walk around the gardens.  Some of the trees are bare and some of the shrubs are putting on a wonderful display of colour.


This is the view from the back deck on a sunny Fall afternoon.  You can see the back poplar trees are bare, except for the odd leaf.  All the leaves have been raked up and taken to the yard waste site.  I do keep some of the leaves for the various composters as they break down into lovely new soil after awhile.


The rudbeckia leaves and stems are browning off and the seed heads are very noticeable.  The goldfinches loves these for nibbling on.


Other plants have leaves of varying colours … sedum, rudbeckia, lily of the valley, red carpet stonecrop and hosta.


The maple tree that my husband rescued a few years ago still has plenty of green leaves.  Just the top ones are starting to change colour.


The staghorn sumac leaves are a vibrant red.


Other shrubs are in their fall colours … sand cherry, nine bark, sumac, wegelia.  I even managed to capture my shadow as I was taking the photo.


The burning bush is growing well with its colourful red leaves.  Just a few of them are starting to drop to the ground.


The spruce tree is always a lovely green shade.  I’ve grown this tree since it was a seedling about 6 inches high.  The top right is the honeysuckle shrub I’m following this year.  The leaves are starting to yellow a little bit.  The bottom right is the top of the maple tree showing the lovely golden leaves.

I might be a bit late, but I’m joining in with Garden Bloggers Foliage Day to show the colourful foliage in the garden for October.  Another Foliage Follow Up Day  can be found here.

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