Birdhouse City

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We live in an amazing part of Ontario and each summer the tourists flock here for the scenery, the wineries, the beaches, the antique shops, the artist galleries and more.  One of the fun places to visit is Birdhouse City just as you head south outside of Picton.

It is in the Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area, on County Road 8 in Prince Edward County. A former superintendent of PERCA built the first birdhouse and it was decided if one birdhouse could be so attractive then a whole city of birdhouses would be fantastic.


It was started around 1980 as a community involvement project.  Groups, individuals, schools, and businesses could design and create reproductions of famous buildings, landmarks and local attractions.

We did see a few birds flying around the birdhouses, but I don’t know for sure if many of them are occupied.


The roof looks in good condition on this one, but I think the tenants would benefit from some little perches to sit on.  And perhaps a touch of paint to freshen it up

Here is an unusual birdhouse in the shape of the leaning tower of Pisa.  I wonder if the birds get a sense of falling once they are inside?

Did you know that birds go on train trips?  This is their mode of transportation. I wonder where they are headed?  Probably down south as it’s a long way to fly.

And after their long trip they need to stop at McDonalds for some refeshement.  I hope they make some healthy choices.

If you are travelling down our way and want a place to stretch your legs, you will enjoy walking around Birdhouse City.

Birdhouse City has been undergoing renovations in 2021. We can’t wait to go back to see the new and improved birdhouses.

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  1. Chris Webb

    Absolutely love all these birdhouses. I worked at CSX RR for many years so I’m very fond of the caboose.

  2. Lana

    Hello! I’m a volunteer with birdhouse city and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind if we posted one of your photos on our Facebook page with credit. Let me know!

    • Crafty Gardener

      Most certainly use the photo. Sorry being so long to answer but it went into the spam folder and I’m just seeing this.

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