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Nothing tastes as good as home made soup on a chilly day.  This delicious bean soup is quick and easy to make. The ingredients fit nicely into a mason jar to make a tasty hostess gift or Christmas gift.

This ‘soup’er Sunday recipe comes from  Garden Therapy’s ebook of Homemade Gifts. The original printable recipe is here.  I purchased all the ingredients at the Bulk Barn and made up some jars in no time.  To put together two gift jars it cost less than $4.50   It took me longer to design a label with the cooking instructions to add to the jar.

bean soup at craftygardener.ca

The ingredients were measured out and layered into the jar.  I used a Classico jar that had alfredo sauce in it.  There are six varieties of beans, all different colours to make the jar appealing to look at.   If you can’t find the specific beans listed you can substitute other varieties.  The five spices (use gluten free ones) were added to a small bag.  After the beans I added the vegetable bouillon cubes (gluten free) on top and then tucked the spice bag on top of that.  Then the lid was firmly screwed into place.

bean soup at craftygardener.ca

I chose a piece of fabric, traced a circle big enough to fit the lid and overlap and tied it over the top of the lid.  I added a little loop of tape to the centre of the lid to hold the material in place.  I didn’t want to use Christmas material, as even though these are being given as gifts they might not be used till later in the winter.

bean soup at craftygardener.ca

The label has the cooking instructions on it.

bean soup at craftygardener.ca

Rinse the beans, cook for 1 hour, rinse again, add water, spices and a can of tomatoes and cook for another hour or until beans are soft. Remove the bay leaf.  The next part isn’t in the recipe but just something I like to do with soups.  I take some of the beans and liquid out and blend it and then mix it into the remainder of the soup.  This gives it a bit thicker consistency.  Enjoy.

Be sure to check that any ingredients you add are gluten free.

bean soup at craftygardener.ca

Have you enjoyed a delicious bowl of soup lately?

bean soup at craftygardener.ca


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17 Responses

  1. Judee@gluten free A-Z Blog

    This is such a clever idea- not just for gifts but to make my own life easier. I use a lot of beans ( I am a vegetarian) and have a bag of this half opened, a bag of that half opened etc. It might be handy to put the leftover beans in jars all ready for a soup recipe! Great post. thanks

    • Linda aka Crafty Gardener

      I keep a couple of jars made up too Judee, sure saves time when I want to make the soup. They look good lined up in the cupboard too. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Linda

    Hi Linda…
    This really is a cute gift idea…
    I always have soup on hand…this past week was my Skinny Beef/Barley/Vegetable soup…
    Nothing like a great bowl of soup for lunch!
    Enjoy your weekend…gonna be a VERY wet Sunday!
    Linda :o)

    • Linda aka Crafty Gardener

      Soup weather for sure. Today I’ve got a crock pot with all sorts of veggies simmering away. Smells yummy. Are you at the cottage this weekend?

  3. jama

    I’m so glad soup season is here. Thanks for the wonderful gift idea!

  4. Claudia

    A great gift idea Linda! I love making bean soups, smelling it cooking and especially eating it.

  5. Deb in Hawaii

    It looks like a great gift and a delicious soup. Bean soups are always so homey and good.
    Thanks for sharing it with Souper Sundays at Kahkai Kitchen this week. 😉

  6. Debra Eliotseats

    Thanks for the recipe and gift tag. It’s time to start thinking about gifts from the kitchen. (Came over from Souper Sunday.)

  7. Margy

    Makes a beautiful gift. If I was still a principal I could have made something like that for the teachers at my school. It was always a challenge to find something to give to everyone. – Margy

  8. Beth F

    Oh I love this idea. So pretty and practical. And easy! I’m going to remember this.

  9. Robin

    The soup looks and sounds delicious Linda! What a wonderful gift idea.

  10. Margie

    Thanks for sharing this delicious gift idea!

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