The Yarn and Button Man

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While sorting through some yarn awhile ago I had an idea to make a snowman out of balls of yarn and buttons.   You know how you think it is an original idea only to look on the internet and see that lots of others have thought about it already!  This is  my version of one.

You just need 3 balls of white yarn in slightly different sizes, some buttons, a bit of felt, an empty cotton spool, some odd dpn needles, and glue or pins.

A needle is poked through the middle of all 3 balls of yarn, and another is poked through the middle ball for the arms.  Then a selection of buttons are pinned or glued on. 


A knitted scarf will keep him warm.  A circle of felt makes the brim for the hat with a wooden cotton spool stuck on top.  The dpn needle that is poked through the middle actually pokes out the top and the felt and wooden spool are slotted down on top of it.

I think I might paint the spool black to complete the hat … what do you think?


He stands happily by the snowflake tree with a couple of other snow friends from my collection.

The stormy weather continued overnight and we are coated in ice for this first day of winter.   Similar weather will continue all day with a third wave of the storm hitting overnight again.


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