Up on the Perch

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This past Friday we went for a walk down by the bay.  The water is very high this year and it was quite wavy that morning so we didn’t see a lot of ducks, geese or swans in their favourite places.   But we were lucky to catch a glimpse of the osprey on its perch.  Osprey are large, fish eating raptors.

There are several nesting platforms that we like to visit.  This one overlooks an inlet off the Bay of Qunte at Zwicks Park.   When we first arrived the platform was empty but as we were driving around the park to another location we spotted the osprey flying overhead so immediately we turned back and headed towards the platform.


It sat on the perch for quite a long time, turning his head in every direction.


Just look at those long talons … I wouldn’t want to be the fish that was snatched from the water.


The markings are wonderful.  Males and females are similar looking.


That sharp beak will rip through most any prey it captures.


The wind was ruffling its feathers.


And those sharp eyes were on constant lookout.  We’ll be back many times over the season and hope to catch a glimpse of the young osprey.

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