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Capturing lens friends at the feeders and in the garden is becoming an obsession.  The camera is always set up on the tripod either inside or outside just waiting for that next shot.  Birds are creatures of habit, just like humans, and will feed around the same time each day.  It is also important to listen when in the garden so that you know which birds are approaching.  I have a few spots where I can set up the tripod so that it isn’t totally visible to the bird visitors.  Setting it up ahead of time means you have the best opportunity to get the best shot.  I also use the burst or rapid fire button on my cameras so that I get several photos at the same time.  This really helps when the birds are flitting in and out quickly.


The oriole is a frequent visitor to the feeders.  They love the nectar that I make (2 or 3 times a week) and they love slices of orange.  Last week I didn’t have any oranges so tried a grapefruit instead … not as popular.  This photo was taken with my Nikon, AV 5.9, shutter speed 1/500 and ISO 400.


This grosbeak was captured on the flat feeder but he also frequents the black oil silos.  My Nikon camera used these settings  AV 5.9, ISO 400, shutter speed 1/250 to snap this lens friend.


This young robin was 1 of 3 to leave the nest over the garage light.  Very quietly I peeked around the corner of the garage to get this photo with the Nikon camera … shutter speed 1/250, AV 4.9, ISO 320.

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