Predict the Weather

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could predict the weather?

You could customize it to fit your plans for the day.   Unfortunately we can’t and have to take the weather as it comes.  But I have a couple of fun ways that you can tell what the weather is like.   Make one of these simple crafts and hang it outside near a window.  Then just before you are ready to go out, have a peek and you will know what the weather is like.  I usually check The Weather Network for the current weather to get the daily forecast, but even that has been known to be wrong sometimes.  I’m also a sky watcher and the colours and cloud formations tell me a lot.

A little bit of garden whimsy to bring a smile to your face.

weather whimsy at

This weather reporter is made of yarn that is braided. You will need about 45 pieces of 18 inch yarn (4 ply) but depending on the thickness of yarn you use you may need less.  Tie the yarn in the center and fold over, divide into 3 sections and braid. Tie a piece of yarn for the neck and one to secure the braiding at the bottom. Add 2 googly eyes and a loop.

Add this verse and give it as a cute, whimsical gift.

weeather whimsy at

The kids will have fun making this weather reporter. Choose a nice flat, round rock and clean all the dirt off.  Add some googly eyes to give your rock some character.

a weather rock at

Put the rock in a nylon netting bag, fasten at top ready to hang outside or lay him flat at the edge of the garden. If you are giving as a gift you can attach this poem.

weather whimsy at

We have lots of ways to predict the weather in the garden and house … a good old fashioned thermometer, a Galileo thermometer, weather vanes, weather stations that are outside and give a digital read out inside. Some photos were taken in previous winters.  We had a fair bit of rain over the past couple of days but hopefully the snow won’t be here for a couple more months.

weather instruments at

We also have a Fitzroy storm glass. During the summer when it was so hot and there was little change in the weather the crystals just laid on the bottom of the glass, but as soon as the weather started to change and get stormy some days the crystals for interesting shapes, patterns and formations.

the Fitzroy storm glass at

Print the weather poems.

weather whimsy at

How do you track the weather?

garden line

Lots of garden whimsy.

garden whimsy at

4 Responses

  1. Robin

    Hi Linda, what cute crafts for kids to make!
    We have a weather station and a Galileo thermometer too. My Opa and Dad were both great watchers of the clouds so I tend to look to them for the coming weather.
    I am really enjoying the cooler Fall weather this week!
    Take care.

  2. Myrtle

    OMG, I really enjoyed first two weather predictors , definitely would make great fun gifts for family & friends , will put it on my “todo” list I used to own a Galileo but in one of my moves it got broke. I do have an indoor/outdoor thermometer .

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