It’s Nesting Time

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It’s that time of year when the birds and critters are nesting.  The garden has seen lots of activity from various birds.  This is a good time of year to put out nesting material for the birds to use.

nesting yarn for the birds at  alpaca fleece for the nesting birds at

The house wrens have been particularly busy collection twigs to make their nest this spring.

lens friends at

It was interesting tow watch him adjust where he was holding that twig so that it fit into the hole.

lens friends at

Peeking out after the challenging time of getting a long twig in.

lens friends at

Off for something smaller and easier this time.

lens friends at

That was easier!

Little Red was lots of fun to watch as she investigated the birdhouse.  It had just been repaired to make the hole bird size as those darn woodpeckers or big squirrels had gnawed away at the opening to make it bigger.  But Little Red wasn’t put off by the size of the hole … it was just the right size to get inside.  I wonder if she plans on nesting in there?

lens friends at

We have had gorgeous weather this week and on Wednesday we were walking down by the bay.  The water was so calm.  The swans were in their favourite spot in a sheltered bit of a bay and the female was sitting on the nest.

lens friends at

The male was nearby telling the ducks and geese that swam by to stay clear as that was his spot.

lens friends at

There have been lots of birds returning to the garden and lots of year round visitors and perhaps they are nesting nearby.

lens friends at

white crowned sparrow …. grosbeakgoldfinches … doves … purple finch

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