Crafts: Golf Ball Critters

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It started with finding a golf ball while walking along one of our favourite beach areas. Hm-m-m not being a golfer I started thinking about what I could do with it.

painting golf ball critters at

Golf ball critters came to mind. I love rock painting and decided to try painting a golf ball. And wouldn’t you know it when I searched around on the internet, lots of others had the same idea. Great minds think alike.

painting golf ball critters at

Ladybugs are popular in the garden. So that was my first attempt. The golf balls were tricky to paint as you can only do half at a time, let it totally dry before doing the other half.

Just like painting rocks you need to make sure the golf ball is clean and dry. It needs something to rest on while drying. I used an empty thread spool, I’m sure with your imagination you will think of other things to use.

painting golf ball critters at
  • paint it all red, a couple of coats were needed to cover it totally
  • paint a black section for the face
  • add a black line
  • add black dots, I used a nail head
  • add white dots for eyes, and when dry add smaller blue dots
  • use a gold permanent marker or paint pen to add the mouth and antennae
painting golf ball critters at

After the paint was totally dry I added a glossy layer of waterproof Mod Podge. Then it was sprayed with a fixative for out door use.

painting golf ball critters at

A bee was my next project.

  • paint yellow, a couple of coats were needed to cover it totally
  • add black oval section for the face
  • add black stripes
  • white dots for eyes, followed by smaller blue dots
  • wings added with permanent gold marker or paint pen
painting golf ball critters at

Finishing coats of waterproof glossy Mod Podge and a spray fixative make the bee ready for outside.

painting golf ball critters at

The golf ball critters tried out a few spots in the garden. All the garden decorations have been put away for this year, but these will be one of the first ones outside in the spring

painting golf ball critters at

Be sure to have a look at my rock projects and see all the other types of rocks I’ve painted.

6 Responses

  1. Linda

    It’s amazing how you manage to turn anything you find into something special Linda, what a great idea they look so cute, it’s a pity that they have to go into hibernation as soon as they are born but they do need to be warm and snug for the winter. xx

    • Crafty Gardener

      I love creating whimsy for the garden. I’ll have all winter to paint up some more. Have a great day.

  2. Vondean Erickson


    These are so cute. So clever what you do with so many things other people would just throw away.

    Take care.

  3. Margie

    I’m not a golfer either so I’d also have to repurpose golf balls.

    These golf ball critters are super cute!

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