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It’s the season to think about decorating.  Here are some cute little trees that are quick and easy to create.

 These crafts a good for making with the kids and grandkids. Some of them have links to previous posts with a bit more detailed instructions.  They are all plain and simple.

quick and easy Christmas tree decoration to make at

The first is a nice simple stitching project using green yarn, plastic canvas and sequins.  Using 7 count plastic canvas cut a piece 17 holes by 26 holes and then cut out the pattern below.  Stitch the base in brown or all green as I did, and stitch the star in gold, and the remainder of the tree in green.  The sequins give it a sparkly look and are stitched on with fishing line.  Add a magnet to the back and decorate your fridge for Christmas.  You could also stitch on a loop through the top of the star and hang it from the tree.  The trees lights will make the sequins sparkle.  This tree is about 10 cm. or 4 in tall.

making a Chtidtmas tree out of plastic canvas at
making a Chtidtmas tree out of plastic canvas at

The next little project is easily made from some garden twigs. These twig trees are great for the natural look to your gift boxes.  You can vary the size depending on the size of the boys you have.  I basically cut the twigs into varying lengths and laid them on top of each other to make the tree shape.  A simple gold star was added to the top.

making Christmas trees at

I had lots of fun making these button trees after finding them at a craft sale a couple of years ago.  These are about 5 cm or 2 in. tall.

making Christmas trees at craftygardener.c

 Several years ago I made a lot of fabric trees and I hang them with ornament hooks from the curtain topper.  You could easily string these to make a garland.  They are made of 3 different sizes of material, a tiny bit of stuffing and some beaded ribbon for decoration.

making Christmas trees at

This is a little tree made out of strips of material, a twig and a pipe cleaner.  You need 18 to 20 strips of material in any greens that you have, a twig about 6 inches long, and some pieces of gold or silver pipe cleaner.  Start at the bottom of the twig and tie the strips onto it.   Trim with pinking shears into the tree shape and add the star at the top.  Add a loop to hang as an ornament, or poke into a plant for a plant poke. Be sure to use a longer twig if you want it to be a plant poke.  I use this one with my village and use an empty cotton reel for the base.  If you are careful you could use a cinnamon stick for the trunk and you would get a nice scent from them.

quick and easy Christmas tree decoration to make at

The tree stands about 18 cm or 6 in. tall and this one has the appearance of a windswept tree as the twig wasn’t perfectly straight.

Christmas line

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