Green Zebra Tomatoes

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~ Each year in my kitchen garden I like to try to grow a different variety of vegetable.  This year I chose to try out green zebra tomatoes.  As well as going through a really hot and humid summer, my … Continued

Vegetables: Monk Peas

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Monk peas have a fascinating story with them and are classified as heirloom seeds.   Gregor Mendel, an Austrian monk, discovered the basic principles of heredity and did extensive studies using peas most of the time because the offspring could … Continued

Hap-pea with Ap’pea’ling Varieties

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After two visits to Seedy Saturdays I’m hap-pea that I’ve got five ap-pea-ling varieties of peas to grow.   Can you tell I love the play on words? I’ve got ‘purse’onality with my tote bags, ‘Soup’er Sunday recipes, personali’trees’ in … Continued

Growing Bags of Potatoes

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Nothing beats that taste of homegrown potatoes.  Here is how I grew several bags of potatoes, easily and without the back breaking work of digging them up. The past couple of years I’ve grown potatoes in bushel baskets and containers and … Continued

French Breakfast Radish

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This was my first year growing radishes for a very long time.  I was prompted to grow them because our grandson loves to munch on them.  I tried a variety called French Breakfast, listed as ideal for container growing.

Yummy Veggies

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I love to grow a selection of veggies in containers on my plant tables.  Soon the weather will be nice enough to start planting.  Some veggies like peas, bean and root plants prefer to be planted directly into the soil. … Continued

P for Plant Tables

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A couple of years ago my husband re-purposed the old deck wood into plant tables. They are very sturdy and can hold a lot of weight.  A basic frame was made from some 4×4’s and some 2×6’s.  Then across the top … Continued

Vegetables: Okra

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This is the first time I’m trying to grow okra seed in my veggie container garden.  The seeds were given out at Canada Blooms, which we visited last March. This isn’t a veggie that is on my shopping list and I … Continued