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In my never ending quest to use up odds and ends of yarn I participated in a CAL – crochet a-long – a little while ago.  This was hosted by My Merry, Messy Life as a Valentine CAL.  As I didn’t use Valentine colours of reds, pinks, white etc mine doesn’t look very Valentiny (is that a word)!

I chose my favourite colours of green, yellow, gold, brown and orange as I seemed to have a lot of little left over balls in those colours.

cal bunting11

There were four parts to the CAL and you can find them here if you are interested in making the bunting.  Each part was quick and easy to complete.  The first was 4 triangular shapes, the second was 8 small hearts, and the third was 4 more triangular shapes with t4 of he small hearts in the centre.

cal bunting10

The fourth part was how to join it all together.  I had doubled the numbers for each section.  That is what long, cold boring winter days and evenings make you do … crochet to pass the time away.

cal bunting8a

Then I needed the challenge of where to hang this long bunting to photograph it.  I have an outside space in mind for it but for now I stretched it across the book shelves, which are 8 feet across.

What do you think about hanging it under the windows of the garage?  Obviously the photo on the left is from last year reminding me that nicer days are to come.  The one on the right is how the path looked at the end of January.


I did a little bit of yarn bombing awhile ago and want to add this to the same pathway.  It’s the path where the gas meter is (behind the garden flag), and I’m sure the meter reader must wonder what sort of house this is and who is the silly lady that lives there.  I also have my rock piles and rock houses along this path, along with a brick inukshuk.  There are all sorts of dangly, twirly, tinkly little decorations that hang on the row of lilac bushes.

Did it use up the little balls of yarn?  Well, no, not entirely.  So perhaps I need to make some more when the next snow storm comes around.


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