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This week it is time to hunt through the photo archives for things in the garden that begin with R … the birds, the blooms, the edibles and  the decorations.

One of the best signs that spring is approaching is the arrival of the robins and red wing blackbirds.   Redpolls also visit the garden during the warmer months.

birds beginning with R at craftygardener.ca
robins and redpolls

One of the many different wreaths I make is the rake wreath.  This is an old garden rake with artificial coloured leaves in it.  I try putting it in different locations each year.

the rake wreath at craftygardener.ca
the rake wreath

The blooms starting with R are rose campions, roses, ribbon grasses, rudbeckia, and rose of sharon (just budding).  That’s five flowers for Five on Friday this week. The rudbeckia are favourite flowers of mine, growing each year and giving a wonderful show of blooms.

blooms starting with R at craftygardener.ca
Blooms beginning with R

I grow edibles that start with R … radish, rhubarb and rosemary.  The rhubarb has its own little garden so it can grow and grow.  The rosemary grows in the herb pots and the radishes grow in the corners of the tubs on the plant tables as they don’t take up a lot of space at all.

edibles that begin with R at craftygardener.ca
radish, rhubarb, rosemary

The lower case r was found in a pipe while on one of my photo excursions. Plain and simply an R.

the letter r at craftygardener.ca

I’m continuing to add to my personal alphabet with R. Soon I’ll put together a page with all of personal alphabet. For now here is an up to date list.

  • A – accepting, active, adaptable, amicable
  • B- bird watcher, book lover, British by birth,
  • C – crafter, Canadian by choice, cat lover, cheerful,
  • D – determined, decisive, dependable,
  • E – energetic, easy going, English,
  • F – friendly, frugal, fastidious, forthright,
  • G – Granny, gardener,
  • H – helpful, handy, happy, hard working
  • I – imaginative, inventive
  • J – joyful, jolly, jaunty
  • K – knitter, knowledgeable, kindred
  • L – list maker, learned, library goer, loved, lenient
  • M – mother, motivated, mature, meticulous,
  • N – nifty, nice, non-judgemental
  • O – original, observant, older, objective
  • P – patient, photographer, parent
  • Q – quiet, quilter, quiz lover
  • R – reader, realist, retired,

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    Another good read & photos to do with the letter R Linda, looking forward to what you post on letter S.

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