How to Make a Towel Apron

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I find myself wearing aprons more and more these days.  I recently made one from a towel and some material.  It’s a project that has been crossed off my winter crafting list. The towel cost $4 from Walmart and the material was just a couple of dollars from Fabricland.  I have enough material left over to use on another project … perhaps another apron, or a cloth bag.

First I traced a favourite apron which eliminated the need to have a pattern.  That’s a cheap trick isn’t it?  or is it a thrifty trick?  I cut strips of material to make the binding for the edges of the towel that got cut away.  .

making a towel apron at

After the edging I added a good sized pocket.  It fits great, washes up a treat, and sure saves my clothes from getting dirty.  And my hands are always dry as I can dry them off in no time.

making a towel apron at

Do you wear an apron?  They really are becoming a must have item for the kitchen as I see all sorts of them for sale in the stores now.

making a towel apron at

I love this towel apron as I always have something to dry my hands off and the pocket can hold odds and ends.

This wasn’t my first attempt at an apron.  Last year I used the same  method and made a garden apron out of an old skirt.  I love recycling items into new things.


It sure helped keep me clean when I was doing all those garden projects.  This one has speckles of paint from various projects, pockets full of garden tags, markers, snippers and much more.


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