Stash Busting Afghans

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Such a dilemma! What to do with all the odds and ends of leftover yarn?  They usually turn out to be all different weights/thickness and different colour groups.  If you are like me you do lots of stash busting projects.

A few years ago I took all the baby weight yarns that I had left from knitting things for the grandkids and used it up making a couple of granny stripe afghans.  These became favourite afghans at home for draping over things to make tents, for spreading out for picnics and for wrapping up baby dolls in.

granny stripe blankets at

One day I mentioned to the kids that we used to use them in the van to keep them warm when they were babies on those chilly winter days.  And they decided they wanted to use them again.  We always drive them after swimming lessons and these were perfect for warming them up.

Well another couple of years passed and those little balls of yarn started to add up again.  So I decided to make another 2 blankets, and perhaps they would use them in their vehicle, or perhaps they could just be used at home again.

granny stripe blankets at

It’s a simple pattern of one row of double crochet, starting with a chain of how wide you want the blanket to be.  I used 200 chains, then a row of single crochet to form a working row.  Then I chained 3 to make the first dc, then did another dc in the same stitch, skip 2 sc and do 3 dc in the next stitch.  Continue skipping 2 and working 3 dc in the next stitch till you get all the way across the row.  When I got to the end I either did 1 or 2 dc to finish off the row, turned and started all over again, this time doing the 3 dc in between the clusters of 3 dc.  Clear as mud?  I do think there are patterns out there to make it more precise, but as they are just stash busting blankets I didn’t worry too much about the symmetry.  Just as long as the edges were straight.

granny stripe blankets at

I always enjoy making crochet blankets over the winter months as it keeps me nice and warm as I’m working away.  I’ve just got a few rows done on each of the new ones I’m working on.

granny stripe blankets at

I work on both at the same time just to keep the grandkids happy so that they can look at their new blanket whenever they visit.  This way one doesn’t have to wait too long to see their blanket and one doesn’t get finished before the other.

How do you use your odds and ends of yarn?

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