The Ripples and Stripes

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At this time of the year is is so nice to wrap an afghan around yourself and just relax.  Another afghan pattern I love to make is the ripple effect.
I’ve made quite a few of these for myself, family and friends.  You can choose to make the ripple as high and wide as you want by the number of stitches before the increase.  These are a few of the ripples and stripes I’ve made.

To start out make the chain as long as you want the afghan to be wide.  Make it in multiples of 5 plus 7 extra stitches.  Double crochet in the fourth chain from the hook and then add 3 more dc (double crochet).  Make 3 dc in the next stitch and this starts the peak of the ripple.  DC in the next 4 stitches, skip 2 stitches and then do 4 more dc.  The skipped stitches will form the lower part or the valley of the ripple.  Continue across the row.  At first the pattern doesn’t seem to appear but be patient and after a few rows you will see the rise and fall across the rows.  Your row should finish on the down part, then turn and do 4 dc in the first 4 stitches, then do the 3 dc in the next stitch and continue on as the first row.

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The top photo is a knitted ripple but the other 3 images are crochet ripples.  Even the all black afghan is done in ripple but it is very hard to see the pattern in the photo.  This one was made for a daughter while she was in her all black phase.

cozy afghans from

The black, grey and white ripple was one of my favourites and made for another daughter. It was made in rows of 3 in each colour.   The striped afghan was a gift for a co-worker.  It is one of the mile a minute striped crochet patterns and worked up very quickly.

cozy afghans from

For this brown and beige afghan I just didn’t want a plain ripple so I created my own version to have a ripple with a difference.  I worked this pattern in the back loops of each row to give a ridge effect.  It is so warming to have the afghan drap over my legs as I work on it.  I did 2 rows of brown in single crochet and then 2 rows of beige in single crochet.  The next 3 rows are in brown using double crochet and a space between each stitch, just to give a bit of a loose pattern. Then it gets repeated in beige, brown, and beige again.

Last winter’s project was this cozy afghan in stripes with all different stitches. The weather is like the ripple afghan with the temperatures going up and down.  And it seems each time they go down they go a little lower.  It is certainly time to snuggle under a cozy afghan and read or knit or crochet.


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