A Recycled Owl

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Spring is just about here and my winter crafting list is complete.  I recently completed a recycled owl from this list, made from an old cutting board, some cutlery and some lids from tin cans.

The cutting boards came from the thrift store and cost 50 cents.  I didn’t worry that one side was painted as I wanted the back side.

making a recycled owl at craftygardener.ca

Lids were saved from different sized tins … soup, tuna, salmon and a couple of bottle caps were found in my crafting stash of odds and ends.  I also needed an old spoon and two old forks.  This could be purchased at the dollar stores if you don’t have your own supply.

making a recycled owl at craftygardener.ca

A drill press was used to add holes to the lids and some old cutlery.  Then they were screwed into place on the cutting board.  The forks were bent so that it would look like they were the owl’s feet perching on a branch that I got from the garden.

making a recycled owl at craftygardener.ca

Hooty will be put out into the garden once the weather gets nicer.

Remember the first day of spring isn’t always the first spring day.

making a recycled owl at craftygardener.ca

I’m not totally sure I’m happy with the outcome, looks a little plain so I’m thinking of something to add to make it look a bit more cute.  Have you got any ideas?  eyebrows? mouth?

I’m still looking for some smaller sized cutlery to use with the smaller cutting board I got.  Or perhaps I’ll find something else in the crafting odds and ends.  Then Hooty will have a friend.

the gardener side at craftygardener.ca

PS – after a year outside Hooty split in two, but out of disaster came the log owl.

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