Alaska Peas

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Peas are very ap’pea’ling.

There is nothing better than popping out into the garden and picking some peas and eating them fresh from the pod.

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Sow pea seeds in early spring.  Plant about 2.5 cm deep and cover with soil.  Space the seeds apart about 5 cm.

I plant them in small batches a couple of weeks apart then the harvest time will be spread out.


Once they pop through the ground the true leaves will start to form.


Mine are planted in a good sized bucket with a wire trellis in the middle.


I also had lots planted in a small blue recycling bin.


Small white blooms will appear and shortly after that the pea pod will start to grow, thin at first, but gradually getting fatter.

Little tendrils will also grow to anchor the pea plants to a trellis.
Lots of fresh, yummy peas to eat.  Most of them get eaten right from the pod.  I also love to sprinkle them onto a salad.  Not many of them make it to the saucepan!
What’s your favourite way to eat peas?
The peas have all been harvested and eaten for this year … and it is time to dream of them for next year.

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