Out to British Columbia and Back

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We have had the most amazing trip out to British Columbia and back again.  The best part of the trip was seeing family once again and doing all sorts of amazing things with them.

The flight out was awesome on a clear day.  The views of the clouds was spectacular.

the flight to British Columbia at craftygardener.ca

We spent lots of time at various beaches and by the ocean … French Beach, Gonzales Beach, the Esquimalt Lagoon, Wiffin Spit, Witty’s Lagoon and more.

amazing scenes from the coast in British Columbia at craftygardener.ca

The views were spectacular.  The waves were crashing in.  I collected driftwood, rocks and shells and we had lots of picnics.

various birds from British Columbia at craftygardener.ca

We saw lots of birds, some we see here in Ontario and some we don’t … like the Anna’s hummingbird, the sand piper and the bald eagle.  You can probably see the eagles here in Ontario but we have never had the opportunity to see one and photograph one.

a bald eagle at Wiffen Spit, Sooke, British Columbia, Canada

We were fortunate to spot a submarine at the Esquimalt Lagoon.

submarine at the Esquimalt Lagoon, British Columbia

Walks through the forest got us up close to some huge, huge trees.  These photos were taken in Goldstream Park.

huge trees at Coldstream Park, British Columbia

Getting back home took a bit longer than expected.  There had been heavy thunder and rain in Edmonton and Calgary the day before we were to leave and lots of flights got cancelled.  So when we went to the Victoria Airport on Monday to catch the 9 am flight we found out it was cancelled and we had been rescheduled for a few hours later.  Then the first of the two flights got delayed and the second one got cancelled.  So we were given another series of connecting flights.  Yikes, there were stopovers for a few hours at a time.  So back to the ticket desk to find out what was happening.  Finally we got a direct flight from Vancouver to Toronto but it didn’t leave till 7 pm.  That meant we missed our connections at Pearson Airport back to our hometown.  Thank goodness for technology which enabled us to change the arrangements via iPhone apps and iPads.

We finally got home Tuesday afternoon, very tired and weary.  Today was spent stocking the fridge, doing laundry, cutting grass, trimming edges and doing some garden maintenance.  I’m not sure if we are back on Ontario time yet, perhaps another good sleep in our own bed will do the trick.

It was a lovely break from daily routine and away from the computer.  I hope you haven’t deserted me.  I’ll be back to catching up on what has been happening with you tomorrow.


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