The Moira Monster

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Beware of the Moira Monster if you go walking down by the Moira River.  It lies quietly on the rocky bottom and is only visible when the water is low.

A creative artist made the monster a few years ago out of the rocks from the river bed.

the Moira monster at

It is just north of the foot bridge between Front Street and Coleman street.

the Moira monster at

If you walk the river front trail along there you can go down a couple of little foot paths and be right beside the river.

the Moira monster at

And you can get up close to the monster.

the Moira monster at

He is very friendly and will pose for many photographs.

.the Moira monster at

Usually in the spring after the high run off water that flows down the river and the water subsides the artist goes back to repair any damage from the winter.


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