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Hooked on mosaic crochet! I saw some gorgeous mosaic crochet on Linda’s Crafty Corner and my interest was peaked. I just had to check it out.

mosaic crochet at craftygardener.ca

Now that Ontario is in lockdown for 28 days it is the perfect time to pursue this. Lots of time and not a lot to do except read, knit and crochet!

It really wasn’t hard at all! I already knew the basic stitches needed, as do all crocheters. It was just a matter of practicing the drop down double crochet and then following along with the chart to create some really impressive items.

mosaic crochet at craftygardener.ca
following video instructions

I started with a video by Tinnia from Iceland. Search her on Youtube and Facebook for lots of simple step by step instruction, ways to fix an oopsie (we all make mistakes) and links to her amazing patterns. You always work from right to left in each row on the front of the work (RS) and the back (WS) ends up in straight neat rows.

I found some charts to follow. I’m not a chart follower/stitcher in my knit and crochet projects so had to teach myself how to read and follow these charts.

mosaic crochet at craftygardener.ca
dasisyknots pattern

I also discovered a pattern, Mosaic Sampler CAL by daisyknots.co.uk and have been working on some of those patterns.

mosaic crochet at craftygardener.ca
fronts and backs

You have a lot of ends as each row is completed separately, but Tinna has a border to cover up all those ends so you don’t have to worry about weaving them all in. I haven’t tried the border yet.

mosaic crochet at craftygardener.ca

A little mug rug pattern was found at Pattern Paradise and it was a great project to work on following/reading a chart.

mosaic crochet at craftygardener.ca

These little mosaic swatches have used up lots of those small balls of leftover yarn. Of course, now I want to buy yarn, all the yarn stores are closed due to lockdown and the choice online isn’t that great, but I’m still looking.

Most of the mosaic projects are big afghans and I’m not sure I’m ready to tackle one of those yet. But I did find a lovely bag pattern by Tinna and am going to start work on that soon with yarn that I have left from other projects. This will really give my bags a new level of ‘purse’onality.

crochet line at craftygardener.ca

If you are in Ontario, I hope you have lots to keep you busy during this second lockdown of 28 days. (hopefully it isn’t longer).

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  1. Linda

    I’m pleased you have got the mosaic bug Linda, you are doing really well. Once you have grasped how to read the charts it’s fairly easy, I prefer to download the chart to my iPad than I can enlarge it and cross it off as I go. We are in tier three here which means it’s almost like lockdown but the numbers are still rising quite quickly. I’m looking forward to seeing your mosaic journey.

    • Crafty Gardener

      It didn’t take me long to figure out the charts. I’m just starting a bag my Tinna, and will see how that works out. We are in total lockdown for January so no yarn stores are open to purchase new yarn!! I’ll share the bag progress as I do it.

  2. Vondean Erickson

    What a beautiful pattern. Our lockdown has been extended again. I can always find something to do. I made vegetable soup yesterday. It was cool out so went very well.
    We got rain yesterday and this morning. It was much needed so don’t have to water for awhile.
    My cousins in Saskatchewan wrote they are on lockdown and she has been quilting and reading a lot of books. My cousin Jim curls a lot so keeps him busy.
    As they say we are not alone.
    Take care and be safe.

    • Crafty Gardener

      You sure can learn anything on the internet Margie. I just shared a new post about my tea subscription and a little short story I received in the mail.

  3. Myrtle

    I do not crochet but I do enjoy seeing all the crochet projects you have shown Linda. I like the looks of the mosaic patterns.

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