Frankford Locks

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We are very close to the Trent Severn Waterway. This is a canal route extending from Lake Ontario at the Trent River up to the Severn River by Georgian Bay.   There are a series of locks along the waterway to make travel easier past rough parts of the river.  This route was first travelled by Samuel Champlain in 1615.  There are a total of 45 locks along the route, with 2 of them being lift locks.  It is a National Historic Site managed by Parks Canada.  If you are a boater you will have been reading about the exorbitant fees that Parks Canada wants to impose on this waterway and the Rideau Canal.

sign6 lock6

These photos were taken in March 2012, when spring really did arrive early.

sign1 lock6

It was such a calm day the signs were reflected perfectly into the lock.


The river running beside the lock was the opposite.

sign7 lock6

This is a fun place to visit in the summer when you can see boats going through the locks, play in the playground, or watch the geese on the river.

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