The Campbellford Toonie

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The Canadian $2 coin is called the toonie.   Why?  well it is worth 2 loonies!  Loonie is what Canadian scall their $1 coin.

Oh my, Canada has cartoon currency … loonies and toonies.  I’m certain that cartoon show, The Tiny Toon Adventures,  wasn’t referring to our currency though.

Some even joked about it and referred to it as the coin with the Queen with a bear behind.  That is because the Queen is on one side of the coin and the polar bear is on the other side.  The bear was named Churchill, because you can go to Chruchill, Manitoba and take tours to see the polar bears.  One of these days we will make that fabulous train trip to see the polar bears.


The designer of the coin, Brent Townsend, is from the town of Campbellford, Ontario, not far from us.  There is a plaque and the largest toonie on display in the park beside the river as you drive into the town.


It was a sunny day a couple of years ago that we were travelling through Campbellford on our way to a big flea market and we stopped to take some photos of this 27 foot statue of the toonie.

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