The Balancing Act

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The tipsy pots have been in the garden for a few years and the tippy buckets made their appearance last year.  Recently I’ve been planting them up with various trailing annuals for another year.

tipsy buckets and pots,

The tipsy buckets sat outside all year and survived all that winter had to throw at them.  I’ve used all trailing annuals this year.  It is situated in the corner of the honeysuckle garden with an old wheelbarrow, a glass totem bird bath and my brick Inuky to keep it company.  2 bacopa, 1 euphorbia, 2 calibrachoa are planted in the tipsy buckets

2014tipsybuckets2a    bacopa, euphorbia, calibrachoa

The tipsy pots get taken inside over the winter.  They are situated  at the front of the house have been planted up with torenia this year.  Previously I’ve used mainly impatiens but there aren’t as many to be found this year due to the mildew that has affected them for the past couple of years.

trailing torenia for the tipsy pots  tipsy pots planted with torenia

This garden is mainly shade with only very early morning sun and late afternoon sun.  Most of the plants in this garden are hostas, bleeding hearts and lily of the valley.

The tipsys are held in place to placing a piece of rebar in the ground and very carefully the pots or buckets are slid down onto each other.  Watering can be a little tricky.  One thing I try to do is make the soil flat so it is parallel with the ground and not the top of the pot.  Another thing I do is put a water spike into them which ensures the water goes right to the bottom of the pot.  The trick is to water slowly or it just runs to the edge of the pot and pours right out.  I put this type of garden structure in the high maintenance category as you have to water frequently and carefully.

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