Embroidery: The Autumn Tree

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The autumn tree progress in the past two weeks has gone from almost finished to completed.

stitching an autumn tree at craftygardener.ca

I enjoy seeing the stitches that others are using for this project. It frequently helps me decide what to choose next. So far I’ve used fly, leaf, Rhodes, fishbone, trellis, long & short, satin (vertical and horizontal), burden, herringbone, chain, couching, fan, diamond chain (sort of my own invention), cross, fern, and french knots.

stitching an autumn tree at craftygardener.ca

I’ve used a few stitches more than once in different colours. One of my favourites has been to combine three different coloured strands to do stitches. They really give an authentic look to the leaves.

stitching an autumn tree at craftygardener.ca

The trunk was worked on with two different shades of brown, which the photo doesn’t show but in natural light does show the slight differences. I used a combination of long and short stitches trying to imitate the bark.

stitching an autumn tree at craftygardener.ca

The last bits of stitching done were the small branches beside most of the leaves. I chose to do these in one of the shades of brown used for the trunk and add a beige bud on each end.

stitching an autumn tree at craftygardener.ca

Here are some different views of the completed piece, including one of the back.

stitching an autumn tree at craftygardener.ca

It has been pressed and mounted in a 6 inch hoop, all ready to display.

stitching an autumn tree at craftygardener.ca

I chose to use a stand made for the ipad to put the autumn tree in. It works perfect and can be easily moved around.

I really enjoyed this stitch along project for October by Stitchdoodles and hope there will be another project in the future. While I look for another embroidery project I will be working on my stitch book and the crochet afghan.

I get lots of inspiration from other stitchers at Slow Sunday Stitching and appreciate all the visits and comments from there. Visit them and gather some inspiration for yourself.

12 Responses

  1. Gretchen

    Your autumn tree is so pretty, I love the variety of stitching you did for the leaves. The bark does look rough like true tree bark. Happy stitching!

  2. Quilter Kathy

    Your autumn tree is so beautiful! I do like the effect that the leaves with combined floss colours give to the tree! Amazing finish!

  3. Jenny Benton

    Your Autumn tree has turned out wonderfully, you must be so pleased. I enjoyed reading about the stitches you used, but really, they were way over my head. I only use back stitch and knots in my stitcheries – that’s about my limit.

  4. Debbie- Dabble

    WOW!! Your autumn tree came out gorgeous!! I love it!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Happy Halloween!!

  5. CathieJ

    Your Autumn tree is beautiful! I love the variety of stitches and colors. Combining a few colors in one leaf is such a great idea. I also like the idea of finishing it in the hoop and displaying it on a stand. I never thought of doing that. It is brilliant.

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