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Finally the weather has warmed up enough this May to start working in the garden, and by working I mean adding plants and sowing seeds.  The odd night is dropping down to single digit temperatures, about 7 Celsius, but the days are lovely and warming to 20 Celsius or a bit more.

The spring blooms are plentiful.  The lilacs just opened and you can get their wonderful scent while sitting on the deck.

spring blooms in May at

I purchased a gorgeous pot of pansies on the Easter weekend from our local flower farm. They are hardy plants that bloom in the really cool temperatures, mind you I did put them into the garage several night towards the end of April, especially when we had that awful ice storm.  These pansies are on the deck and if you look carefully through the railings of the deck you can see a little sun feeder that we will with black oil sunflower seed.  Do you see the goldfinch enjoying a snack?

pansies in bloom at

I have been given two Miracle-Gro plant saucers to try out.  I got them awhile ago and was just waiting for the lovely weather to use them outside.

Plant saucers by MiracleGro at

These are nice deep saucers that keep the plant lifted up a bit so they don’t sit in the water.  The underside has a cork circle which protects the surface it sits on.  I’ve got the larger one under my pot of pansies as the table has a glass surface and there is no fear of scratching the glass.

Plant saucers at

I’ve the the smaller plant saucer under a lovely pot of geraniums on a little plant dolly.  The saucer catches the drips after watering and the cork on the underside protects the wood of the plant dolly.  You can hardly see the saucer at all as the clear plastic bends right in with the clay pot.

Plant saucer at

These plant saucers are a great addition to the garden.  I appreciate being given the opportunity of trying them out.

The ladder planter has a new location this year and I’m working on filling all the planters with hens & chicks, stringy stonecrop, kamtschaticum, red carpet sedum,  and creeping jenny.  These plants grow in many places in the garden and I just take cuttings and plant them in the teapots, teacups, baskets and other interesting little containers.  I’m also considering painting the ladder a nice vibrant colour.  Do you have a suggestion?

The ladder planter at

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  1. Lorrie

    Plant saucers make our deck so much neater. The cork bottoms sound like a great idea. Love your ladder planter.

  2. Margie

    I love the ladder planter with the teacup and teapot planters. Can’t wait to see how it looks after you paint it.

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