Garden Journal: June 2021

June is when summer begins. It’s a month of lots of blooms, heat, bugs, air conditioning, and lots of outdoor cooking and eating.

evening primrose at

The eveing primrose are in full bloom.

growing Egyptian Walking Onions at

The Egyptian Walking Onions are producing all sorts of little bulblets. Fascinating to watch grow.

growing feverfew at

Feverfew, not to be confused with chamomile, is blooming in the garden. Such a wonderful scent when you rub the leaves.

June at

The north facing front shaded garden is full of hosta, ferns, and Dames rocket.

June at

The bridge garden, started last year, reclaims a bit of land that just has brush on it. It is mostly shady so there are lots of hostas, soloman seal, and columbine. On this side of the bridge are two large clumps of daylilies one orange and one yellow. That’s where you can find the frog parking lot too!

June at

I’ve been really pleased with the rose blooms under the trellis this year. I’ve been spraying them with Neem oil to keep away those pesky little caterpillars that eat all the leaves. So far I’ve been lucky in controlling them.

June at

The sign post garden is full of hosta and some evening primrose.

June at

The back shady tree garden is a favourite of mine and it was started a couple of years ago. The ferns, hosta, trillium, columbine and bleeding hearts grow really well. This year a tall mullein grew just outside of the log edging the garden. Of course I had to let it grow.

June at

The honeysuckle garden now is home to all my painted rock houses. It is also my tea thyme area where there are lots of danglers, wind chimes and tea cups hanging from the tree.

June at

I’m sharing these views of the garden with Through my Garden Gate.

garden line

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7 Responses

  1. Joy

    Hi Linda ! This heat wave was terrible and I have neglected the gardens .. I dread trying to beat my way through the “jungle” to weed and support plants, it is going to be brutal ! LOL
    Your gardens are looking really good ! I love the bridge garden, that is my favorite … I have a thing for little bridges 😉
    Yes .. I find it easy to mix up Feverfew and Chamomile .. but I remember the scent of Feverfew and it is lovely !
    That gorgeous red rose under that structure is amazing ! I have been trying to remember neem oil for my lilies .. I have fallen behind in that but it is a great tool to try and save plants from being eaten alive.
    I am already .. looking forward to Autumn .. crazy right ? LOL

  2. Linda

    Your garden is beautiful Linda it’s amazing how quickly things are growing at this time of the year, I love your Hosta’s and ferns, I need some ferns for my garden I have lots of shady places.

  3. Jeannie

    Smart move building the bridge so you can use the back part of the garden. Looks like the perfect place for a cup of tea and a good book.


  4. Sarah

    Wow your garden is looking fantastic this month!Are you suffering with the heat in your part of Canada? Your rose looks fantastic and I love the additional information you have given on some of the plants. I learnt so much we have feverfew in the garden but would like it to spread more. The walking onions look fun too! Sarah x

  5. Margi

    Your garden is very beautiful. Painted rock houses are an interesting detail. This area looks fantastic!

  6. Margie

    Thanks for the garden tour. Your pretty flowers and whimsical decor always make me smile. Can’t believe we’re one week into July now…

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