The Back Shade Garden

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Is a garden ever complete? probably not, as when you sit back and observe you see something that might be changed. But for now we are saying the back shade garden is complete.

back tree garden at
back tree garden mid June 2019

Planning for this garden started last year when we started collecting logs from the landfill site. This is how it looked in early spring.

back tree garden in early spring 2019

Now it has been filled with ferns, trillium, hosta, columbine, bleeding heart and astilbe. We went shopping for all of these plants in the front shade garden. When I looked at the prices at the garden centres I was amazed, and realized we had saved ourselves an lot of money.

back tree garden at
shade loving plants

Our weather has been very changeable, lots of rain with the odd sunny day sandwiched in between. It was a great time to transplant.

back tree garden at
some log whimsy

The rescued logs which form the back of this garden (see early spring photo) will soon be hidden by the ferns. Some of the logs are different heights and one of them was already shaped enough to add a little roof. Will it be a birdhouse? or a fairy house? or will it stay as it is? Check back on the next update to see what we do with it.

We are really pleased with this new garden area. Now when the dishes are being done we can look to the back of the garden and look at this area.

garden line

Garden areas

garden line

7 Responses

  1. Kim

    Your back shade garden is lovely! I do love hostas and ferns. I have several gigantic hostas in my tiny back space, which are flourishing this year in the cool, damp weather.

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad your daughter’s cat is okay now. I didn’t realize hydrangeas are “toxic” to cats; good thing I don’t have any. I have enough troubles with Nicki as it is!

    • Crafty Gardener

      According to vet, hydrangea can be very toxic to cats, T2 was bringing up, had a fever snd got twitchy. Vet gave here a fluid injection and medicine for 5 days. They even called the day after to see how she was doing. Seems she probably bought up most of the partial leaf she ate, which enabled us to identify plant. She was listless for a few days and now seems just fine. Thank goodness things turned out okay.

  2. Myrtle

    The Back shade garden is looking very nice now Linda. It was good that you could take plants from other gardens. Plants are expensive to buy now.

    I did not know that cats are allergic to hydrangea, have learned something new for today, thanks.

    • Crafty Gardener

      We are pleas d with this new garden area Myrt, and it fits in with my less maintenance plans for this year. So many plants are toxic to cats if they injest them. You need to be checking all the time.

  3. Jennifer Jilks

    What a delightful project, for you and us!
    I think the best part of gardening is the process. You can always tinker with it.

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