Steller Jays

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We were fasciated to see many different varieties of birds on our trip to British Columbia in November 2011.

a stellar jay sighted in BC by

The Steller Jay was a new sighting for us, as we don’t get them here in Ontario.  Stellar jays are native to North America (west coast) and are related to the bluejays that frequent Ontario.  It is sometimes referred to as mountain jay or pine jay.  Stellar jays are mostly seen on Vancouver Island and on the southern mainland of the province.

a stellar jay sighted in BC by

The noisy lens friends were captured from the balcony of the cottage where we stayed in Ucluelet on the west coast of Vancouver Island. It was a bit of a rainy day and you can see a few water droplets on the feathers.

a stellar jay sighted in BC by

These inquisitive birds came right to the balcony, perhaps hoping we would leave them a morsel of food.

a stellar jay sighted in BC by

Steller jays have a crested black head and part of their upper body is black.  Then the gorgeous blue of the tummy and feathers appears.  The Steller jay is the provincial bird of British Columbia.

a stellar jay sighted in BC by

This was another bird we were able to check off our list, along with the Black Oystercatcher

Do you maintain a list of birds you have spotted?


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