Rescue Nests

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Here is a fantastic project to do some yarn stash busting and help an amazing wildlife cause.  I’ve been busy with the crochet hook making rescue nests.

Thanks to Nicola at Nicola Knits for sharing this information about the Wildlife Rescue Nests site.   From the website you can download individual patterns or all of them in pdf format.  Their Facebook page has lots of photos showing how they use these rescue nests with injured and abandoned animals.

rescue nests at

The nests are crocheted with a double stand of worsted weight yarn to enable close stitches and little space for tiny feet or claws to poke through.

rescue nests at

The cave nest looks to be quite big but you can see the comparison in the photo below that it really isn’t.

rescue nests at

The smaller nests are 3, 4, 5, and 6 inch ones and they all fit inside the cave nest.

The website lists many wildlife centres around the world that are looking for donations.  Luckily for us we have one very close to home that was listed.   Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre is in Napanee, Ontario.  Last year we took a rescued bunny out there and then later on we took donations of acorns, chestnuts and dried leaves.

If you have some time, some yarn and want to help wildlife please consider making some rescue nests.


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