Home & Garden: Rainy October Weekend

Finally we are getting some much needed rain. The morning view from the window yesterday indicated a change in the weather with the red sky.

From the windows at craftygardener.ca
October 19, 2023

The view from the front window early this morning. It is gloomy inside and out. We don’t have to go out today so can just watch the rain through the windows.

From the windows at craftygardener.ca
October 20,2023

The remaining blooming plants in the garden are getting a good soaking this morning.


The pots are lined up waiting to go into storage in the garage for the winter. I’m so glad they are getting a good soaking before going inside. Even though hens & chicks are hardy plants and will survive the winter outside, the clay or ceramic pots won’t.

making apple ginger chutney at craftygardener.ca

Delicious apple ginger chutney was made recently in a zoom cooking class I participate in. Be sure to check it out and make some for yourself.

embroidered mushroom pillow cases at craftygardener.ca

A pair of pillowcases were finished at the end of last week and they are now in the gift giving box for a lucky recipient.

From the windows at craftygardener.ca

Rainy days are a soup kind of day. One of my favourites is chicken noodle soup, warms you through and through.

making chicken soup at craftygardener.ca
'Soup'er Sunday recipes at craftygardener.ca

Soup is always in season, find a delicious recipe that just might become your new favourite.

Fall flags at craftygardener.ca

The fall flags have been displayed for a couple of weeks now. The scarecrow flag used to have a holder at the back of the house, but once the new siding was installed the holder was never put back up. This year I have it on the hummingbird and oriole feeder pole and it is visible from the kitchen window. Of course the Canada flag is always on display by the garden shed.

Have a wonderful week, thanks for stopping by.

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9 Responses

  1. Robin

    Hi Linda, yes, it was lovely to wake up to rain this morning. I had to do a few errands in Trenton this morning so needed to find my raincoat. Not needed it too much lately. But it is warm out. Now you have me thinking about soup! Have a great weekend.❤️

    • Crafty

      It is cloudy today, rain on and off. Today I made some split pea soup for lunches next week. I can eat soup at any time of the year.

  2. Myrtle Thomas

    I took soup out of the freezer yesterday and made a batch of tea biscuits so turkey soup and tea biscuit was my supper last night. I am doing perogies for the three of us tonight. We have had some rain this morning just taking a break and only 13c here. Linda, I have never had apple Ginger Chutney, it looks good. Have a good weekend

  3. Myrtle Thomas

    Hello Linda, we had rain this morning, seems to be taking a break for now. The temp is 13c and of course damp. The Apple Ginger Chutney looks good, I have never had any to try. I had soup last night with a freshly made tea biscuit for my evening meal Have a good weekend

    • Crafty

      It is another overcast day here Myrt, the odd bit of rain on and off. No putting the laundry outside today, probably won’t be many more days to use the washing line. I made split pea soup today, will be good for my lunches next week. Hope you are keeping well, miss you at the group.

  4. Vondean Erickson

    Hi Linda,
    The Apple Chutney looked so good. I remember when my mother would make it.

    It is in the 90’s today but suppose to cool off on Sunday and start to be cooler on Monday. I love soup so will be making some next week.
    Your pillow cases are so pretty. Lucky person who gets them.

    So nice to hear from you and all you do.

    • Crafty

      The garden sort of put itself to bed here, don’t have the bending ability that I used to. What are you doing in Rideau Ferry?

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