The Signs of Progress

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Last Fall we started work on the sign post garden.    There was an old spruce tree here that was slowly dying off.
All the branches were cut off and the trunk was left.  A birdhouse was added to the top and some recycled wood was used to raise the area a little bit. This is what it looked like just before winter set in.

the sign post garden Nov. 2013 -

Over the winter I painted some signs and then couldn’t wait for one of those first nice April days in spring to add them to the trunk.  Then it was a waiting game a bit longer to divide some hostas and move them into the raised garden.

the sign post garden May 2014 -

I also added a pot of daffodils once they had finished blooming, a small volunteer bleeding heart and a coreopsis that was just growing in the wrong spot.

the sign post garden June 2014 -

The old deer planter had some creeping jenny planted to it.

the sign post garden June 2014 -

The plants all adapted to their new garden and by mid June they were flourishing.  I also added some Egyptian walking onions that had outgrown their pot.

the sign post garden July 2014 -

It is just about the middle of July and the hosta and coreopsis are blooming.  The EWO are forming their little bulblets and a small clump of oxeye daisies sprang up from nowhere.

the sign post garden July 2014 -

I’m thrilled with the progress of this shady garden.  That pile of wood behind it is the left over bits from the new bridge, which is just to the left.  The best part is that it didn’t cost any money … the wood was recycled from the old deck, the signs were left over bits of wood from another projects, the birdhouse was a found item by my husband on his travels when he worked, and even the paint was left from another project.  The deer was here at the house when we moved in and just got left behind and that windmill was one that the girls played with when they were little.

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