Home & Garden: Middle of July

Already the month of July has reached the midway point. Lots of birds have visited the garden and I captured this flycatcher as it was caching bugs.

flycatcher at craftygardener.cs

Even the squirrel stretched out in the shady grass on the hot humid days.

squirrels at caftygardener.ca

I have had these 4 old wooden spoons since I swapped them out for new ones a few months ago. At first I was going to turn them into plant markers, but with all good intentions the idea got started and then put away as something else came along. Here is what I did with them.

making spoon mandalas at craftygardener.ca

I have lots of whimsical frogs in the garden and here is one of my favourite signs I made. The frogs hop around to different places in the garden. I wonder where they will hop to next.

frog parking at craftygardener.ca

The bridge garden is mostly in the shade and a great place for hosta, solomon seal, columbine and other shade loving plants. It is also a place for old garden chairs and decorations to go to fade away.

the bridge garden at craftygardener.ca

This is one of the succulent areas on the sunny south facing deck. It changes frequently as I move things around. This time there is an old copper pot which just had the handle fixed, some birch branches, and some plant pokes of bird houses.

the succulent garden at craftygardener.ca

The trellis garden is growing really well. The roses and one of the clematis have bloomed. Blooming now are the rudbekia and feverfew.

trellis garden at craftygardener.ca

The purple coneflower are also blooming. These attract butterflies and pollinators.

echinacea at craftygardener.ca

The shed and fence garden are lovely to look at while sitting in the gazebo. The one of the hosta in the shady part are just finishing blooming.

shed garden at graftygardener.ca

And in the sunnier part of the fence garden the ditch lilies and heliopsis are putting on a colourful show.

heliopsis at craftygardener.ca

Another little garden right in front of the deck has ditch lilies and milkweed in it. This is the spot where the hummingbird and oriole feeders are. Soon the monarch butterflies will be around.

milkweed at craftygardener.ca

There is an osprey nest in the Frankford Tourist Park. We drive by frequently and one day stopped in to take some photos … well lots and lots of photos. This is one of the osprey after flying around the nest and landing. There are 3 babies who are getting ready to leave the nesst.

the osprey taken by craftygardener.ca

Hoping you are enjoying the month of July. Thanks for visiting and I hope to read a comment from you soon.

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4 Responses

  1. Myrtle Thomas

    Again, your gardens are beautiful. I love the picture of the osprey and nest in the Frankford Tourist Park.

  2. Myrtle Thomas

    I always enjoy seeing how your gardens change through the summer into fall Linda. I love the Osprey nest picture you took at the Frankford Tourist Park.

  3. Debbie- Dabble

    Your garden looks so lovely and inviting!! We are finally getting some much needed rain!! I bought another set of those firefly lights to put out in the back yard so i got 2 sets for the price one would have cost on amazon….Thanks so stopping by!! Stay cool!

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