Home & Garden: Mid October 2023

October is the second of the ‘ber’ months. It started out absolutely gorgeous and we had a hard time thinking it was Autumn. Then the temperatures started to drop and this week it has barely reached 12 Celsius.

October 2023 at craftygardener.ca

The view across the road from the front window. The tree line is starting to show the lovely Fall colours. At different times of the year we see ducks, geese, turkeys and deer in these fields. One year I saw a flock of snow buntings.

Autumn decorating at craftygardener.ca

I’ve done a bit of Autumn decorating by the front door. Here is how I made the rake wreath and you can see the leaf wreath there too.

All's Fair in Love and Christmas by Sarah Monzen

I’ve had two Christmas books to review and in between reading I’ve been working on some crochet. This will eventually be a cross over bag. One Christmas book review is here.

You Make it Fell Like Christmas by Toni Shiloh

The other project was an embroidered pair of pillow cases with a pattern I had put together from various other patterns. The other Christmas book review is here.

October 2023 at craftygardener.ca

The leaf raking has started, lots of bags have gone to the landfill and lots are being piled under trees and around compost bins to provide some protection for insects and critters. Mulching comes in the next round of leaves.

The Dabbling Room at craftygardener.ca

I dabble in all sorts of crafts from stitching, to rock painting, to sewing to crochet and knitting. The Dabbling Room as been re-organized over the past few weeks. I finally cleared off some projects from the card table and set up an Autumn jigsaw puzzle for the damp and dreary days ahead.

a book closure at craftygardener.ca

I adapted a great idea seen on a friend’s blog and created this book closure and it has its own spot to add a pen. The bigger photo is a true colour. I’m using this on my little binder that has my library reading lists in it. I know there are apps to keep track of books but I’m a list maker so love to have a little book to hold when I’m at the library.

Recently tuna was on sale so it was time to stock up. I made some delicious tuna melt sandwiches for lunch one day.

tuna melt sandwiches at craftygardeneer.ca

Finally after a few years we are on the list for a family medical clinic. We’ve had a tetanus shot, flu shot and covid booster. I am waiting for a date for full knee replacement surgery. The wait list is long, been on the list since April of this year.

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7 Responses

    • Crafty

      Thanks Gail. I’m in the process of putting together a post as the pillow cases are all finished now. I hope to get back to sharing with Slow Sunday Stitching too. Have a lovely day.

  1. Myrtle Thomas

    Hello Linda, I am glad to see you back. I am not much of a tuna eater but I am thinking of trying your tuna melt. You have a beautiful view from your window this time of year and see lots of life out there too. The Christmas books sound very interesting. Darren and Debbie enjoy doing puzzles through the winter. I bought a round one for them for when I go up this winter.

    • Crafty

      Hi Mryt, hope you are doing well. We miss you at the group. The view is wonderful, and can change daily. Bet you are already looking forward to your visit to Darren and Debbie. Take care,

  2. Robin

    Hi Linda, nice to read what you have been up to. Your view out your front window is gorgeous. The fall colours sure seem a lot duller this year. A friend comes and stays at this time every year. Our photos show last year we had incredible leaf colour compared to this year. I’ve heard the wait list is long for knee replacement.
    Take care.❤️

    • Crafty

      Hi Robin, love the view and it changes all the time. I agree, colours aren’t as vivid this year. I’m ready for the surgery, just waiting for a date, it has been 6 months so far, so hopefully I’m getting closer.

  3. Debbie- Dabble

    I just love your embroidery….So pretty and you are so talented….Thanks so much for all your visits and kind comments…I am finally playing catch up….
    I hope you are enjoying your weekend…

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