Home & Garden: Mid December

Do you do garden bathing? It is the practice of spending time in the garden without gardening. A chance to be outside, listen and watch nature, get exercise and clear your mind.

In the colder months I don’t get outside as much, so make myself go outside for a recess break. There are paths cleared of snow around the garden. These paths are actually for getting to and filling the bird feeders.

December at craftygardener.ca

I also use them to walk around the garden, frequently with my camera, as there are always photos to take of birds or critter tracks or just pretty looking scenes after a snowfall.

December at craftygardener.ca

A big snowfall was predicited and on the morning of December 15 Nature gave us the warning with a gorgeous red sun rise. And by mid afternoon the snow started just as the weather network said. I wonder if the weather network got their warnings from Nature! It came down fast and furious.

December at craftygardener.ca

We woke up to about 20 cm of wet and heavy snow on the morning of December 16. Time to give the snow blower and snow shovels a work out. Many shrubs are bent over with the weight of the snow. The washing line appears to be broken.

December at craftygardener.ca

This week I made a pot of chicken soup, perfect for those snowy days. Instead of noodles I used small cubed potatoes.

making chicken soup at craftygardener.ca

Crafting happened during the week and these are some quick and easy reindeer candy cane holders to make.

making a crochet candy cane holder at craftygardener.ca

Crochet a rectangular piece for the body, sew together around two candy canes, add a red pom pom nose and two googly eyes. It is done in hdc, about 8 stitches wide and 8 rows long. The complete directions can be found here in a separate post so it can be filed under Christmas crafts. You will also find directions for a tuckered out reindeer, a reindeer brooch, and some magic reindeer food.

making a crochet candy cane holder at craftygardener.ca

The crochet tree skirt was placed under the decorated tree. It is plain and simple just as I like things.

making a tree skirt at craftygardener.ca

The snowflake embroidery project saw some progress. One snowflake is all done, and had the paper pulled away. That is a tedious job and to make it easier I used a sewing needle to poke extra holes in it, which made it easier to pull away. Tweezers help in removing the small bits of paper too.

embroidered snowflakes at craftygardener.ca

I have drawn out some other snowflakes on the tracing paper and tentatively set them on the hoop to see if I will need any more. I haven’t included all the details on these patterns, but will add that after the basic stitching has been done and the paper pulled away. I think it will be easier that way as pulling paper around french knots was a challenge.

the afghan kit at craftygardener.ca

I’ve also been working away on the crochet afghan, up to the last rounds of multi yarn and grey yarn. I’ll soon be ready to start the edging. I love it when an afghan nears completion. Of course, right away I start thinking about what to do next.

Always Room for One More by Mike Martin

A lovely short Christmas story arrived from Mike Martin. Last week I shared his children’s story of The Christmas Beaver. Aways Room for One More is a heart warming story of how Windflower and his family share their Christmas with a less fortunate family.

Here are some other short stories that Mike shares at Christmas time.

short stores by Canadian author Mike Martin

I get lots of inspiration from other stitchers at Slow Sunday Stitching and appreciate all the visits and comments from there. Visit them and gather some inspiration for yourself.

4 Responses

  1. Birthe M K Bjørhovde

    It is so nice to see the pictures of nature where you live. Beautiful winter pictures! Love the cute crocheted reindeer.
    Great afghan you make. Both that and the soup are good on cold winter days. it was a good idea to embroider the main lines above the lines on the paper. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Linda

    I’m afraid that I don’t go out in my garden very much at all in the winter months although I can see it all in one glance through the window as it’s much smaller than yours. Your garden looks so pretty with it’s covering of snow. I love all your Christmas decorations the reindeer candy holders are so cute and that afghan looks so pretty. Have a wonderful Christmas. xx

  3. CathieJ

    I love the photos of your snowy landscape. We have only received a dusting here, but are expecting more for Christmas. That red sky was certainly a warning. I love the afghan you are crocheting. The yarns are so pretty.

  4. Kim

    Oh, I love to garden bathe all the time. So much time is spent in my garden just appreciating the beauty of nature. So many pretty things you are working. Cute, cute reindeers and Christmas tree skirt. Your white snowflakes embroidery is lovely; as is the afghan you are crocheting. Love the colours of the yarns. Yum….chicken soup! The perfect dish for a cold winter’s snow-filled day!

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