Home & Garden: May Long Weekend

The gardens flourish in May, and there are more blooms in the garden.

trilliums coming to an end at craftygardener.ca

The white trillium in the shady tree garden have been turning pink this week, signalling the end of this year’s blooms. Check out the plant profile for trilliums.

shady tree garden at craftygardener.ca

The ferns have gone from fiddle heads to having lovely fronds.

a succulent garden at craftygardener.ca

I purchased some succulents at The Garden Network, and have started to set up a small succulent area in a sunny section of the south facing deck. So far I’ve moved some hardy plants I have in the garden – hens & chicks, and a couple of different sedums. Here is another couple of succulent pots I have set up. This area will be a WIP over the summer. Right now the nights are too cool for the tender succulents, panda plant, hobbit garden, and blue sennico to be outside, so I’m moving them in and out till the temperatures warm right up.

hummingbird at the feeder at craftygardener.ca

The adorable little hummingbirds buzz by my head and come in for a landing at the feeder.

robins in the garden at craftygardener.ca

By May 13, 2023 the robin eggs have hatched and both robins are busy feeding the little ones.

a robin's nest on the baker's rack at craftygardener.ca

By May 18, 2023 the baby robins were stretching up to be fed. I’m loving this nest on the baker’s rack, even though it is stopping me from working in that part of the trellis garden.

brown thrasher at craftygardener.ca

The brown thrasher is a bird that passes through the garden for a few days.

Check out Saturday’s Critters and see lots more wonderful wildlife photos.

Last Sunday evening I was determined to finish the Home Sweet Home kit from Clever Poppy.

Home Sweet Home embroidery at craftyga

I tried a tip I had read about using the hair dryer to eliminate the erasable pen lines. Pleased to say it worked and the embroidery didn’t get flattened by the iron.

Home Sweet Home embroidery at craftyga

Time to finish off the back by glueing the edges onto the inside section of the hoop and then pinking away the edges. Next will be to add the felt backing.

embroidered letter L at craftygardener.ca

I also finished a lovely letter L for my display wall.

grow embroidery at craftygardener.ca

And another finish was this one I’m calling grow. Both patterns come from the Clever Poppy Maker’s Academy.

embroidery wall display at craftygardener.ca

All three finishes are now displayed on one of the walls in my craft room al I also display photos that I’ve taken. Have you made knitting needle flowers?

It has been a good week for stitching, and I’m already sorting out the threads for the next project.

I get lots of inspiration from other stitchers at Slow Sunday Stitching and appreciate all the visits and comments from there. Visit them and gather some inspiration for yourself.

teacup line

Find a yummy recipe to cook.

Rhubarb is in season and it’s time to make some rhubarb crumble. If you follow the link there are also recipes for stewed rhubarb and rhubarb cake. Crumble is our favourite as it can be eaten cold or warmed up and it is delicious with a scoop of ice cream.

apple rhubarb crumble at craftygardener.ca

It is the unofficial start of summer with the Victoria Day long weekend. If you are lucky to have this long weekend I hope you have a wonderful time and the weather co-operates. It poured of rain all day Saturday, seems it wouldn’t be the long weekend around here without rain.

garden line

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16 Responses

  1. Eileen

    Your needlework projects look so pretty, well done. The crumble looks yummy, a nice treat. Love the cute Robins at the nest, feeding their babies. I do love that the hummingbirds have returned, they are fun to watch zooming around our heads. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  2. Lavender Dreams

    We are having afternoon showers just about every day now but I’m going to try to get out tomorrow morning. Love the sweet hummers and your needlework!

    • Crafty Gardener

      Pouring of rain here today and it is really needed. Haven’t been out in the garden to check on the baby robins because of the rain.

  3. Julie G

    Hi Linda Your stitching is lovely and I like the display, this is similar to what I do with my finishes. I have been doing plenty of cross stitch and no knitting, lost the interest I think but really enjoying stitching.

  4. tomthebackroadstraveller

    …you captured some gorgeous images, the robin in the nest is a delight. I wish you a Happy Victoria Day.

  5. Shiju Sugunan

    Beautiful shots, the robin in the nest is particularly delightful. I admire your embroidery work and the presentation is pleasing.

  6. Gail

    We also like rhubarb and I often make rhubarb crisp this time of year. We had our first hummingbird this week too. Isn’t spring a wonderful time of year? I love your stitching display wall! Enjoy your week!

  7. Ivani

    Love the birds pictures and your L embroidery.
    Have a wonderfun Sunday.

  8. Sarah

    Lovely embroidery projects. Those photos of your robins are amazing. I must admit I love a succulent, yours look really healthy, mine didn’t over winter very well unfortunately.

  9. Debbie- Dabble

    Everything looks great….The bird pictures are wonderful as is your embroidery!! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!!

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