Garden Updates: May 2022

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May has been a very busy. We had our family visiting from British Columbia for the last half of the month, so lots of fun things going on. May and the garden is full of growth. It got a bit neglected with family visiting but they were able to help out a lot too.

hyacinths in the garden at

The beginning of the month saw the white and yellow hyacinths in bloom in the fence garden. Such fragrant flowers. A few years ago I started with 8 plants and they have happily multiplied over the years.

The fairy garden was set up in the old sink. Last year it got emptied out and for some reason or other didn’t get set back up again and the sink was stored under one of the plant tables. Over the winter the gnomes got a much needed coat of paint so that this year Sinkville was set up again.

May 2022 - ferns in the garden at

On May 4th (May the 4th be with you) the ferns were popping up everywhere. These are the kind of plants that travel under the ground with creeping rhizomes and send up new shoots where you least expect them. Do you eat fiddleheads?

the back tree garden at

The ferns have really grown in the back tree garden by the end of the month.

May is a month of blooms, blooms and more blooms. Daffodils, hyacinths and tulips are finished blooming. So many other plants appear. It is a month when plants are just poking though and lots of ground is visible to a month when the plants get so big you can hardly see the ground. This is a bonus for keeping the weeds under control.

May 2022, Herb's Place at

Herb’s Place was relocated this month. It is now in the tubs on the plant tables at the bottom of the deck stairs. This makes it so much easier for me to pick what I want, without having to move to another part of the garden. Plants in this area are chives, oregano, parsley, borage, lettuce, Egyptian walking onions, and tomatoes. Lots of things to go into daily salads.

yellow iris at

The yellow iris have just started blooming at the end of the month. I love these ones, yellow blooms being one of my favourites, plus they came from the garden of one of the favourite schools I worked at.

the bridge garden at

The bridge garden was a bit neglected during May. The mosquitos are really bad this year so it is an area that I tend to avoid unless I want to get covered in bug bites. Even bug spray doesn’t seem to help.

the sign post garden at

The hostas are really growing well in the sign post garden.

the trellis garden at

The trellis garden is doing well. A new clematis was planted in the middle section of the trellis and the honeysuckle vine in the right section was cut right back last fall and there are lots of shoots growing already.

the honeysuckle garden at

The honeysuckle shrub is just about in full bloom.

the fence garden at

In the fence/shed garden the dames rocket is starting to bloom. It will be cut down once finished and will bloom again later in the summer.

the front shade garden at

The front shade garden was edged by visiting family. Lots growing in this area. This photo was taken in the early morning, which is about the only time of day the sun is on this garden.

the front shade garden at

The bleeding heart grow so big and put on a wonderful show.

bleeding hearts at

The solomon seal displays its delicate white blooms.

solomon seal at

May has to be one of my favourite times in the garden. It goes from hardly anything growing to big, full, bushy plants with lots of blooms.

I’m sharing these views of the garden with Through my Garden Gate and Mosaic Monday.

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  1. Myrtle

    Linda, thank you for sharing, you certainly do have lovely gardens from spring to fall. Sometimes I have to look up the name of a plant. Enjoy your day.

  2. Sarah

    Your garden is looking lovely this month. That is a lovely colour combination of the hyacinths it is amazing how they have increased. I don’t have much success with hyacinths, I do love their smell.

  3. Lavender Dreams

    I wonder if I could just sit on the ground and play in the gnome garden. I will if you’ll help me up later! lol Hugs!

  4. Angie

    Linda – the ferns and the hostas complement each other so well. I miss hostas, but it is just too dry in Montana for them. I have never tried fiddleheads – what flavor do they have? The yellow Iris is so elegant. And who doesn’t fall in love with a Bleeding Heart? Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

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